Details About This Project

What the Customer Required for Their Kitchen

Renov8 was recently contacted by a lovely client who wanted to make her kitchen a more comfortable environment when hosting gatherings, as well as increase the amount of storage space.

In order to achieve the customer’s requirements, we advised the client on potential ways she could increase the amount of storage in her kitchen. One way to do this was to introduce a breakfast bar. We installed a beautifully designed granite work surface, which contrasted with an oak breakfast bar. This addition allowed more cupboards and drawers to optimise the storage in her kitchen. Furthermore, this created a space for Nicola to host guests comfortably in her kitchen with 3/4 seats, which she was thrilled about. We also placed multiple Siemen appliances into her home, so she can now cater for larger events.

Another way we could introduce more room into her kitchen was through the empty wall space above the cabinets already installed. Therefore, we installed new cabinets in the kitchen and created additional larder units for Nicola to increase the amount of storage in the kitchen. Due to these new units being out of reach, we designed and created a bespoke ladder which allowed the client to move along the cabinets smoothly and accordingly.

As shown in the images below, the kitchen transformation is beautiful and consistent with the rest of the kitchen.

If you are interested in getting your kitchen renovated, don’t hesitate to contact us, or have a browse through our kitchen ranges.

Customer Testimonial

"I am delighted with the beautiful kitchen Renov8 created for me, and it is exactly what I wished for. They have managed to double my storage for all my kitchen essentials, and I can now also host and cater for guests with absolute ease. Thank you to the Renov8 team, who have gone above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of!"

Stages of Our Work