A small kitchen can be challenging to work within your home, especially if you are frequently preparing meals and food for a large family or friends. This time of year can be stressful with a small kitchen; it might make cooking your Christmas dinner a lot more difficult.

How Can You Improve Your Small Kitchen?

Your best solution to solving this problem is to renovate your kitchens Milton Keynes. Kitchen renovations are cost-effective and straightforward, as well as this it gives you the ability to knock through walls or extend your kitchen to create a larger space. So if you’re finding it hard to work with your small kitchen, we would recommend investing in a brand new kitchen. As well as the fact that you can dramatically increase the space in your kitchen, you can also push yourself up on the property ladder.

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvements and can make a significant addition to your original selling price. The average return rate for a kitchen remodel or renovation is 98.5%, and you have the opportunity to pick a kitchen that suits your design preferences and replenishes your home.

Besides this, there are plenty of other ways that you can make the most out of your small kitchen; there are many hacks and kitchen additions that can make it appear or seem more spacious, and reduce the amount of clutter in your kitchen. So if you’re looking to improve the space in your kitchen and make your life easier, keep reading!

Over Cupboard Shelves

One of the most important things when trying to make added space in your kitchen is to drastically improve storage and consider alternative storage methods. Although you have cupboards and drawers in your kitchen, sometimes it isn’t enough for all of your belongings and utensils.

One of the best ways that you can utilise the storage in your kitchen is to add storage space wherever it can be installed – even on top of your existing kitchen cupboards. It’s likely that above your kitchen cupboards you have a lot of free space between the cabinets and ceiling if you are struggling to find places to put everything, then this could be a great way to maximise kitchen storage, and it doesn’t alter the appearance of design.

All you need to do to achieve this simple storage hack is to find a long floating shelf that fits perfectly and leaves enough space between the ceiling and kitchen cupboard. For example, this one from the Worktop Express would be perfect to add extra shelving space above your kitchen cupboards and is available in numerous different sizes.

kitchen shelves

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are often preferred by those who are trying to modernise their home and for those looking to keep in line with new kitchen trends and kitchen designs. As well as being exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, kitchen islands offer additional storage and can break your kitchen space up to make it look bigger.

One of the most common issues that make kitchens appear smaller than they are, and stops homeowners from using potential space, is the fact that they are very cramped and clustered together. If your home is smaller or you have a flat, then this might not be something that you can help. But if your kitchen is cramped together but you feel as though you still have space to use, breaking it up and installing a kitchen island may be the perfect solution. Kitchen islands allow installations of sinks and taps, which means you can give yourself more storage in the central part of your kitchen where your sink would be. You can also minimise clutter by installing a dishwasher into your kitchen island, or even something simple such as a bin.

Use Corner Drawers

Commonly kitchens have a set of drawers all adjacent to each other for easy access and so that it is simple to remember where everything is. Although this might not be the best way to store things in a small kitchen, if you want more storage then adding more cupboards is just going to take up useful space, which is why we recommend corner cupboards and drawers.

Often in kitchens, when it comes to your last cupboard or draw and it gets to a corner, it stops or continues the other side and space is wasted. But this is a waste of useful storage space and could provide you with more places to put your belongings when utilised. We can install corner draws and cupboards that conjoin onto the rest of your cupboard when they change direction. These corner storage solutions will fill up the gaps and allow you to have storage even in conjoining corners when you usually do not. Although only a small storage space, it makes the world of a difference and can give you the added space that you need without any drastic changes.

 kitchen storage solution

Hangers, Clips & Magnets

If you have a small kitchen with limited space, hangers clips and magnets are likely to decrease the amount of clutter laying around your kitchen. One of the things hard to find storage for in your kitchen is your pots and pans. It’s likely that you have a vast amount of Tefal cooking utensils that are all of different sizes, so when you have limited storage space, it can be hard to find a home for big boiling pans and things like woks.

As a result of this, you may find that a lot of your pots and pans end up being left on the hob for use, although this doesn’t look great in your kitchen and can make it look more cramped and messy. It may be easier and a better solution for you to hang things up rather than try and find space for them in drawers or cupboards. Pot and utensil hangers may be your saving grace when trying to find alternative ways to store some of your biggest cooking utensils. If you really want to space save, we recommend purchasing a hanging pot rack. These can be installed anywhere around your kitchen, meaning that you can position it somewhere not in the way or in reach of young children. Often hanging pot rails also have attachments that can hold utensils such as spatulas, whisks and more. As well as this it has a shelf like space that can be used to sit things on top. We love this midway rail system from Symphony, you can take a look at their range here!

As for magnets, these are cost-effective and can also be placed anywhere in your kitchen. Although they do not typically have enough strength to hold pots or pans, they are fantastic at holding cooking utensils and allow quick, easy access when you need them. The most common purchase made for magnetic holders are magnetic knife racks which are often found in modern kitchens Buckingham. These are extremely good as it’s an effective way of keeping sharp knives and dangerous utensils out of reach of young children, it also allows simple, immediate access. Although titled knife racks, dependent on the utensils you have, they can be used to store any metal utensil. We love this one from Robert Welch.

Improve Lighting

Commonly in homes, one of the things that makes rooms look smaller and dingy is the lighting. If you have yellow tinted lighting or light bulbs that aren’t very bright, this could have a negative impact on your kitchen’s appearance. Bright LED lighting is often used in kitchens to give a bright, clean finish that gives the illusion of a bigger space than there is.

This is often why LED lighting is also used in commercial buildings, restaurant kitchens and most modern day buildings. As the lighting is so clear and luminescent, when paired with a white design it can make everything appear much more spacious than it is, as well as looking cleaner and fresher. Kitchens are often associated with cleanliness, and if you’re looking to give your kitchen the illusion of being larger than it is, LED lighting can help you do so.

We must stress that electricity can be dangerous when installing incorrectly, which is why we always ensure that our clients use a qualified, trusted electrician to install all electrical sockets and lighting fixtures. If you talk to your electrician about installing new lighting, they can advise you on the best kind of lighting for your kitchen. As well as improving the appearance of your kitchen LED lighting can also help you save money on your energy bills. Standard light bulbs cost 90% more to run that LED bulbs, as well as the fact they have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to blow than an LED bulb is.

modern kitchen

Over The Sink Chopping Board

As we previously mentioned, clutter laying around your kitchen can be the main cause of your kitchen looking small and untidy. Although this handy kitchen gadget may only seem like a small help, it can make the world of a difference. It’s likely that in most of your day to day cooking life, you chop up fruits or vegetables.

A standard chopping board can be messy, and be a pain to clean up your sides afterwards. The over the sink chopping board minimises mess, and means that you are out of the way causing less clutter in your kitchen.

Folding Tables

A lot of people do not have the room in their kitchen for a dining table, which can be annoying if you don’t have space in other rooms and want to have friends or family round for dinner. It can be irritating not having an area to relax and enjoy your food.

One of the best space-saving solutions to allow you to have a table in your kitchen is to invest in a folding table attached to the wall. They can be brought in different sizes to cater or you and your family. You can buy a wall attached folding table here form Wayfair.

kitchen and tables

Improve Your Small Kitchen Today

Using these top tips, you can improve your small kitchen easily if you cannot yet renovate your kitchen. It’s essential that your kitchen is clean and tidy in order for it to be useful and kept in good working order. For more information on traditional kitchens Buckingham

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