If you think your kitchen is looking a little outdated or is in desperate need of some TLC, use these kitchen trends for 2019 as inspiration and give your kitchen the ultimate makeover.

The top kitchen trends for 2019

Thanks to technological advancements and new interior design ideas, household kitchens have evolved dramatically over time. Decades ago, kitchens existed for purely functional reasons and were located at the back of the house away from all other activities. Today, we like to take pride in our kitchen, and it has become one of the most versatile rooms in the house. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your kitchen, so why not take a look at our kitchen showrooms in Milton Keynes for inspiration. Once you have a rough idea of what you want the end result to look like, you can begin to plan the layout, design and finishing touches.


Minimalism is an increasingly popular trend for all rooms in the home, especially the kitchen. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the days of having all your kitchen essentials out on display and say hello to innovative storage solutions. We know how busy a kitchen can get, but you don’t want the chaos to be reflected in the overall design, which is why keeping things stored away is essential.

Pull out larders can be easily incorporated into your kitchen design and are a great concealed storage feature. This product is particularly useful for your day-to-day kitchen essentials, such as spices and other ingredients.

For the ultimate minimalist, clutter-free kitchen, designate drawers for silverware and cookware, store plates, containers, and small appliances in cabinets and larger, less-used appliances and food in cupboards or on shelves.

Integrated appliances

In line with the increasingly popular minimalist theme, integrated appliances are an excellent way to give your kitchen a streamlined look. Induction hobs do not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they are also eco-friendly, safe to use and easy to clean. Integrated fridge freezers are also a great way to save space as they can be easily concealed behind your cupboard doors. This also means the design and theme of the room are not disrupted, but is still a fully-functional kitchen.

Integrated appliances work perfectly with our modern kitchens in Buckingham – all you need to do is find the style you love, and you’re one step closer to your dream kitchen.


Copper features

In an article published by the Independent, it explains how soft, reflective metals are being used more frequently when furnishing our interiors. Copper is one of the most popular decorative metals today, and while you can use it anywhere in your home, its natural beauty is best showcased in the kitchen. Whether its pots and pans or worktops and splashbacks, there are a plethora of ways you can incorporate copper into your kitchen space. Whether your preferred kitchen style is traditional or modern, the beauty of copper is its versatility and ability to complement any theme. Copper features, such as polished splashbacks, will effortlessly add warmth and light to any of our white kitchens in Towcester without compromising their sleek and fresh appearance.

There is a host of copper kitchen accessories you can choose from, so here are some of our favourites and ways you can incorporate them into your kitchen space:

Copper sinks

As an alternative to standard stainless steel, ceramic or plastic sink basins, you could opt for copper to make your kitchen more unique. A copper sink does not only look aesthetically pleasing but are also very easy to clean without the need for any harsh chemicals – perfect if you have a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to meticulously clean all your kitchen appliances regularly.

Copper lighitng

If you are cooking late at night or entertaining guests for the evening, you need to have sufficient lighting to accommodate. Pendant lights are ideal to use in kitchens as they save floor space, provide sufficient general lighting and do not take up additional room on your worktops. The lighting you use in your kitchen can add character to the entire space and create an interesting focal point, which is why we suggest considering any of the copper light fixtures from Endon and Saxby.

Copper cookware

A subtle way of incorporating copper into your kitchen is through your cookware. Borough Kitchen have a genrous selection of copper cookware made from the best quality materials to ensure unsurpassed heat conductivity and control. These pots and pans are so sleek and attractive in design, why not display them for ease of access, and for all your guests to see, using a ceiling rack?

alta mussel finish

Digital technology

Technological advancements have made their way to our kitchens and are now a standard feature of many modern kitchens. Digital technology in the kitchen is designed to make your daily kitchen activities easier, saving you time and potentially money in the long term. Below we have listed some of the most popular digital kitchen appliances you should consider using to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Joule Sous Vide

This innovative product heats to the perfect temperature, minimising the chances of overcooking your food. Using the Joule app, you will even have exclusive access to cooking guides which are regularly updated so you can always find inspiration for your next meal. Impressively, this device also includes a Visual Doneness feature which allows you to choose how you want your food to look when it’s done and instructs the Joule to cook to this standard. Ultimately, this product takes the guesswork out of sous vide, making it extremely practical for day-to-day cooking. If this kitchen product wasn’t impressive enough already, it even uses Bluetooth and WiFi control so you can control it from anywhere and cook at your convenience. You may also want to consider incorporating a vacuum drawer into your kitchen as these are designed for sous vide cooking.

Coffee Machine

In the UK, around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed every day – so, as a nation that is fuelled by caffeine, it makes sense to invest in a coffee machine for your kitchen. Does your morning routine consist of making a stop at a local coffee shop on your way to work for your much-needed cup of coffee? If so, you should consider buying this NEFF Built-in Bean to Cup Coffee Machine as you can enjoy top quality coffee from the comfort of your own home. Before setting off for your day job every day, this machine allows you to spend your mornings being a barista and create a range of hot beverages, such as Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, and Caffe Latte. This coffee machine is more than just a standard kitchen appliance, it’s customization features make it a personalised coffee-creating experience. With its MyCoffee function, you can save eight of your favourite drinks in advance with all their settings under personal names. This quirky feature is designed for your convenience as it allows you to have your delicious beverages ready quicker. One of the best things about coffee machines is the variety that is available on the market, meaning there are many more budget-friendly options compared to the NEFF machine mentioned above. For example, this LOGIK Filter Coffee Machine lets you brew up to 12 cups of ground coffee, is super easy to use and its 24-hour timer delay lets you automatically brew coffee at your chosen time – all this for under £30!

inline contemporary


Our final trend for 2019 is not just confined to the kitchen, but is actually being pursued on a global scale in various settings. The current environmental crisis is causing major concern for the future of our planet and its ability to sustain life. Of course, we all know we need to make a conscious effort to be more environmentally-friendly, but actively making lifestyle changes is a lot easier said than done. For this reason, incorporating sustainable features into your kitchen is a great way to give back to the planet on a daily basis. To transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly paradise, think about using the following products:

  • Silicone microwave/oven covers – As opposed to using cling film and foil to reheat food, these silicone covers are reusable and will decrease the amount of waste you throw out daily
  • Bin liners – As plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, you may want to swap your standard bin bags to biodegradable and compostable ones
  • Reusable Kitchen Roll – Kitchen roll carries a significant carbon foot print as it is either bleached or dyed to make it white. The chemicals used during this process end up in our environment and our bodies, which is why Boobalou have created a number of reusable kitchen rolls, cloths and oven gloves

A showroom-worthy kitchen

Knowing what styles are popular and what appliances are on trend at the moment is key to creating a modern, versatile and practical kitchen. If you are still unsure of where to begin, take a look at our kitchens in Aylesbury which are guaranteed to inspire you and give you creative ideas for your very own kitchen.

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