Being a uni student can be difficult at times. After living with your parents for so many years, it can be difficult to adjust to independent living, with paying bills and cooking and cleaning up after yourself. So you might need some kitchen tips to help you along the way.

Why Use Kitchen Tips?

Kitchen tips are vital when you move into somewhere on your own. It’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to eat a balanced diet when you are a uni student. Without this, your immune system breaks down, and you will find yourself getting ill more frequently, you also could either lose weight or put on weight – these are all common issues that arise with people who do not eat a healthy and balanced diet.

As well as having to visit lectures most days combined with nights out and partying, it becomes extremely easy for your body to become worn down. By having the ability to cook simple dishes with fresh produce, rather than eating takeaways often, you can keep yourself in great shape and give yourself a boost for the day ahead! University kitchens Milton Keynes can be very small and be shared with your flatmates, but this doesn’t mean you can’t prepare delicious food, why not all work together and cook something as a team? We have created a set of top tips for you to follow as a university student to stay smart in the kitchen and master even the most basic culinary skills. So keep reading!

Stock Up On The Basics

Although it’s important that you still eat healthy foods like fruit and vegetables while you are a student, this doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t stock up on the basics! We understand that your day to day life is most likely extremely busy after university lectures and public transport as well as hobbies and other commitments.

Sometimes you do just need something quick and easy to fill you up before you continue with your daily tasks. Ensure you are stocked up with essentials like bread, beans, butter, milk, eggs and more. With ingredients like this, you can prepare quick and simple dishes like scrambled egg or beans on toast which can give you enough energy to prepare you for the day ahead; it also saves you forking out the money for greasy and expensive fry-ups.

Ensure You Have The Correct Kitchen Utensils

Unfortunately, without any kitchen utensils, you won’t be able to progress very far with your cooking skills. Before you go to university, it’s important to list out all of the essentials like pots and pans and ensure that you have everything you could possibly need for cooking.

Your uni kitchens will come equipped with ovens and a microwave, so you need not to worry about these. Ensure you take your own cutlery, spatulas, tongs, bowls and dishes. It’s not hygienic to share utensils regularly with your flatmates and can even end up causing arguments. We always recommend that you take one high-quality pan to university with you, with non-stick pans you can prepare almost any type of food fast and efficiently. We recommend the Tefal non-stick pans and pots that are ideal for any kitchen, and if you are really into your cooking we recommend this high quality Neff Pan Set!

fried egg in pan

Utilise The Microwave

A microwave is the saving grace of most students, it allows preparation of easy meals within seconds and can be used for almost anything. Of course, ready meals contain a lot of saturated fats which aren’t good for you, so it’s essential that you do not eat these regularly. But microwaves can cook anything, even by using fresh ingredients!

If you’re feeling hungover and are craving something sweet, instead of going down to the shop and spending money on lots of junk food and sweets, why not make a microwave mug cake? All you need is sugar, butter, flour, milk and egg! All whisked into a mug and then put on full blast in the microwave for 3 minutes! We love this quick and simple recipe for Nutella mug cake! Take a look at this article for a list of delicious dishes you didn’t know you could cook in the microwave!

Invest In A Slow Cooker

A slow cooker at university will be your best friend, not only do they produce deliciously flavoursome dishes but they allow you to cook foods without you having to even do anything! One of the most favoured uses of a slow cooker is to cook a whole chicken! So if you’re feeling slightly homesick and missing your parents delicious roast dinner, make one yourself with this quick and easy method!

All you do with slow cookers is leave them on and to stew for the day. Season your chicken how you choose with garlic cloves or rosemary, fill the pot with water and oxo cubes and even chuck in some vegetables for the ultimate roast dinner flavouring. Then simply leave the slow cooker on and continue with your day to day life! When you return home not only will your food be ready, but it will be tender and fall apart from all day cooking! A whole chicken is enough to likely feed your flatmates, so why not ask them to contribute and all enjoy a roast dinner together? Take a look here at the best slow cooker recipes!

roast chicken in a slow cooker

Freeze Things You Can’t Use

When at university you are on a budget, so wasting food is not an option! Things like bread go out of date a lot sooner than products kept in the fridge, but it’s most likely one o your most used products. Stock up on bread and freeze the loaves you aren’t using, this will keep them fresh and in date until when you need to use them.

This also applies for things like meat which can be frozen for months on end; even fruit can be frozen and work perfectly in things like nutritious smoothies to take to your lectures!

Enjoy Uni Life!

Now you can improve your culinary skills and know the basics; it’s time to get practising and preparing your favourite dishes! Limit the takeaways and improve your cooking skills for later on in life. For more information on our range of products, contact our kitchen fitters Buckingham!

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